the new single

'She's Not The One' b/w 'When Did All The Good Times Go Away'

released 11thApril 2011 on 208 RECORDS

The Anydays are here again! Following their superb début album 'Collector' released last year, the band, a classic 3 piece from Oxford, release this, their new single, from the forthcoming album 'Move'.

The bands sound is based on the classic Brit-rock influences; The Who, The Jam, Yardbirds, The Kinks. The Anydays' sound has a natural exuberance of its own. The overall feeling is of an American sunshine mixed with a British grit.

Take the A side, 'She's Not The One' . A gritty, soulful rhythm & blues swing meets a glorious Lennonesque vocal, a sunny chorus then captures & lifts the mood of the listener.

In contrast, the B side 'When Did All The Good Times Go Away' is more downbeat, more minor key. Still powerful though, with great harmonies.

If you like this, you will love the forthcoming album 'Move'. Available 2nd May 2011, on 208 Records.