'A swagger in the step & a gleam in the eye'

the new album 'Love & Curses'

One thing about Connett, you know you are in for a great time. Whether live, or on this, their second album, the band combine swagger with sensitivity to leave the listener thinking rock & roll DOES have a future, despite being swamped in a music scene dominated by TV talent shows.

Recorded partly at Paul Wellers Black Black Barn studio, & partly in Chicago & at 208 studios in Wiltshire, this London based four piece have a deserved reputation as one of THE live acts around. Visually, the band have moddish hipster roots, but their musical style is classic Brit-rock.

Eponymous singer Darron Connett is yer stylish front man. Cocky, with a swagger & a gleam in his eye, & a strong voice to carry of the bravado, his vocals carry off the rifftastic tracks such as 'Rather Get Down' & 'Mademoiselle' with aplomb. Cranked up the band have the boozy roll of The Faces, or Mod The Hoople, sorry, Mott The Hoople at their peacock best.

Guitarist Glenn mixes Townshend power chords with John Squire subtleties, giving each song a character & texture of its own. Bassist Lawrence & drummer Danny carry the rhythm section with ease. Check out the Doorsy feel of 'Be Right There', you will be riding on the storm, you will see what I mean.

The band have a sensitive side to their writing too. Acoustic based tracks such as 'He said' & 'By the Sea' have impressive lyrics (Darron) with beautiful melodies (Glenn).

Alternatively, The Stone Roses dancedelic feel of 'Take Me Away' shows the versatility of the band.


The real winner though, is 'Salt & Wine'. This is the sort of track that gives a rock ballad a good name after years of disgrace. An impassioned lyric & vocal combined with an inspired band performance see the band ready to hit the big arenas & melt your heart. And then set the whole body ablaze with classic rock & roll. No wonder they attract the attention the have had. It's all for a reason, here on 'Love & Curses'. Recommended.